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Drawaholics Anonymous

Drawaholics Anonymous.

Michael Buffington is the Concept Art Lead school of game development at the Academy of Art University. Due to his love and passion for art and drawing, Michael founded the Drawaholics Anonymous. He launched Drawaholics Anonymous intending to foster the love of art and creativity among students. Drawaholics Anonymous provides a platform and environment for artists to nature their craft. Drawaholics Anonymous has also focused on building the skills of their students from the basics of pen and paper drawing hence naturing a concept of artists connecting with their material and medium.

For one to become a member of the Drawaholics community, one has to sign up through the Drawaholic’s Anonymous Member contract. The contract requires or the new member to do 2500 drawings within the year. This policy of the members completing the stipulated drawings within the year has enabled the students to sharpen their drawing skills. The road to becoming a high-level artist is not an easy one, and the Drawaholics Anonymous community has natured the team spirit to help each member grow and be the best they can be. Drawaholics Anonymous is indeed creating a culture of excellence at the Academy of Art University.

About the Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens by then known as the Academy of Advertising Art. Since then, the Academy of Art University has become known as one of the largest privately owned school of Art and Design in the USA. The school was formerly known as Academy of Art College and is located in San Francisco, California. The school has over 200 full-time teachers and has employed over 1000 part-time teachers. Academy of Art University has about 11000 enrolled students and has an open admission policy. The admission acceptance rate of Academy of Art University is 100 %.

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