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Shaq Comes Back To New Jersey To Build The Aspire

For the past few years, former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has been involved in a few notable areas. Perhaps the most notable of these has been property development and real estate; over this time he’s had success in the area, which has led to more and more investments in the area. Now, O’Neal has announced that he’s coming back to his hometown with a new development, as he’s announced a partnership with the New Jersey-based Boraie Development for the creation of The Aspire. Speaking about the partnership, Shaquille O’Neal noticed that the development was something to be excited for, as he’s noted that a significant amount of time and effort into ensuring it’s as high-quality as possible. It’s also been noted that because of its position in New Brunswick’s center, The Aspire has access to quite a considerable amount of amenities.

While some of these amenities are located a short walk from The Aspire, there have also been a significant amount of high-quality amenities into the development itself. Some of the most significant of these, besides the apartments themselves, include a State of the Art Fitness Center and Yoga Space, as well as an Indoor/Outdoor Residents Club that provides enough space for a significant amount of activities. With this, Boraie Development has claimed that the 238 unit building also incorporates a rooftop sundeck and garden, which also boasts a considerable amount of space. Outside of The Aspire itself, there are a variety of notable amenities close at hand, with one of the most notable being the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital System and Children’s Cancer Institute which is adjacent to the development. On top of this, because of The Aspire’s central location, the New Brunswick Train Station and a number of restaurants, shops and more are within walking distance.

Boraie Development has been behind a lot of high profile developments in recent years, with The Aspire just being a standout amongst the latest. Since being established, the company has concentrated on ensuring that they offer excellent customer service to every one of its clients. Through this, Boraie Development has consistently shown that they work with some of the more reputable financial foundations in the area to guarantee that funding and finances are in order before development starts. Moreover, they’ve also noted that they only use reliable architects and contractors. This is to ensure that their developments are designed and constructed to the highest standards.

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