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The Shift Of Information Technology With Vinod Gupta


All throughout the world and human history, the story of an individual going from the bottom to the top has a been a classic tale since the beginning of time. Vinod Gupta is a modern day individual who was born in India and follows this classic tale. The village where he grew up was small and poor, and thus he always dreamed of making it big someday.


Vinod Gupta moved to the United States to pursue his higher education at the University of Nebraska. Upon graduating college, he was immediately thrust into the industry. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Vinod Gupta discusses his career up to this point.


As a fresh college graduate, Vinod Gupta was the prime target for a company like Commodore Corporation. They were in the mobile home industry, and they needed an individual to conduct market research on their behalf. Vinod Gupta was told to compile a list of all the mobile home dealers he could find. This was in the age before internet, and so he had to compile the list by hand.


It is during this period when the idea for a wide reaching information service came into his mind. Once the job was completed, he pursed his own solo career. InfoGROUP was soon formed, and it completely revolutionized the information industry. See Related Link for more information.


Vinod Gupta ultimately sold the company, in favor of investing in a new company called Everest Group. This would give him the ability to help support high potential start-ups, while leaving the future in the hands of the younger generation. He is especially interested in the potential of human interaction with Artificial Intelligence.


The ways an average consumer receives information is constantly shifting. Vinod has been at the forefront of the modern technological revolution, watching new trends take root.


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