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Article Title: Steve Ritchie and a new Brand Ambassador

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Shaquille O’Neal Brand Ambassador

Shaquille O’Neal is now playing brand ambassador of Papa John’s, shortly after Steve Ritchie has become the new CEO. Shaquille O’Neal will bring his positive energy to build connections between Papa John’s consumers, while Steve Ritchie is focusing on building a strong team among all the members of Papa John’s. Shaquille O’Neal has signed an $8.25 million deal with Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie understands how Shaquille O’Neal knows how to bring positive energy, pull a team together, and encourage success.

Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s New Culture

Shaquille O’Neal is the new brand ambassador following on recent changes at Papa John’s. January marked the beginning of Steve Ritchie’s new role as CEO of the global franchise of Papa John’s. Shaquille O’Neal is very pleased with his new role as brand ambassador and looks forward to taking Papa John’s forward and working with Steve Ritchie to get Papa John’s back on track. while making positive contributions for the benefit of the global brand. Shaquille O’Neal will bring his enthusiasm as a team builder to the still growing 120,000 employees under CEO, Steve Ritchie.

Papa John’s Global Brand

Papa John’s has 5,000 stores that depend upon the brand ambassador to set the tone for the whole company. Shaquille O’Neal has enjoyed the products of Papa John’s for many years and now wants to join Steve Ritchie and lead the Papa John team members to a new height of success. Shaquille O’Neal says he looks forward to working now “from the inside out” with a company whose products he’s always enjoyed. Steve Ritchie is building a “better culture,” says Shaquille O’Neal and he wants to be part of this new growth.

Steve Ritchie, CEO agrees that Shaquille O’Neal will bring new energy into Papa John’s and help the team of 12,000 Papa John’s employees reach a new height in living their global brand.

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