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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Making The Transition From Physical To Online

Richard is the founder and creator of a company called Richard Liu says that success didn’t come easy for him. When he first went into business in the nineties it failed. The lesson he learned was not to give up and persevere. Liu Qiangdong as he is known in China came up with the idea for in 1998. At first, he did not know whether or not it would succeed. This venture would test his resolve but it would pay off in the end.


As the company started to grow Richard Liu’s idea spread mainly into brick and mortar locations around China. This proved to be successful for him until 2003. This is when the SARS outbreak occurred and he had to make a difficult decision. Richard Liu decided to close all of the physical stores and strictly opt for online sales. This move proved to be the best one that he has made to date.


Now has become the largest e-commerce retailer in China. Liu has become one of the biggest names in online sales in recent years. Over the past few years, many other companies have partnered with Richard Liu and in order to get a strong foothold in the Chinese market. Richard Liu Qiangdong has made sure that shipping prices remain competitive. This is one way to keep the customer base happy. It is a company that strives to do whatever it takes to give consumers in China what they want when they want it.


The Chinese market is not the only place where Richard Liu Qiangdong has gained a foothold. Thanks to a partnership with Google and Walmart, the company has now been able to establish itself in Europe and Thailand as well. Richard Liu has been able to maintain worldwide interest in his company and it has room to grow even more.


Richard Liu has made the transition from physical stores to the online world look easy. Now Richard Liu knows that the move he made was the right one for him. Transitioning into the online universe was exactly what he needed.


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