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Steve Ritchie Is Leading The Way For Papa John’s

When employees are asked why they respect their company’s CEO or President, one of the most common answers is that they know he has been where they have. That is why Steve Ritchie is proving to be a strong leader for Papa John’s after just over one year as the company’s CEO.


Steve Ritchie started right where many employees of Papa John’s are working at today. He started as a customer service representative. Steve Richie PapaJohns has experience in preparing the food and delivering the food as well. Not only has he worked as an entry level Papa John’s employee, but he has worked for the competition too.


Yes, for the 14 years before he purchased a Papa John’s franchise of his own, he ran his own pizzeria, competing with Papa John’s. As a competitor he found ways that he could defeat the local Papa John’s and areas where his business was lacking. This gave him the benchmarking experience he needed to eventually moved into corporate leadership for Papa John’s.


Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has served in over five roles with the company. These range from regional positions to his COO position that he accepted in 2014 before becoming CEO in 2018. Based on these experiences he is shaping the future of Papa John’s. One of those ideas he is persuing is integrating Papa John’s Facebook page with online ordering. Instead of going to the company website, Facebook users can order a pizza right off of Facebook. Another plan he is implementing is expanding Papa John’s reach into the Bahamas. View Additional Info Here.


Companies choose different types of leaders for their businesses. Some are there because of their family history. Other leaders are chosen because of their skill level. Steve Ritchie is family, maybe not by blood, but through experience and living the Papa John’s culture. He truly is skillful though, as he has demonstrated working in the pizza industry for parts of two centuries. He will now attempt to keep Papa John’s at the top long into the future as he enters his second year as the company’s CEO.


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