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The Business Life For Over 80 Years

Running A Responsible Business:, which is also known to many in China as Jingdong Mall, is now one of the most prominent, and most successful businesses born in Beijing, and they are slowly taking over the world. is a company that was established by Richard Liu Qiangdong – and he built this from the ground up. actually started from a tragedy, and it was up to Richard Liu Qiangdong to turn the travesty into treasure.


Richard Liu Qiangdong displayed extreme amount of resilience and tenacity when he was starting the company. The SARS epidemic almost ended the company of Richard Liu Qiangdong, but because of his adaptability, he was able to make a multi-million, international business. Richard Liu Qiangdong is now one of the most influential people in Beijing, and he has been uplifting the community of Beijing and has been making his waves felt through the whole world.


Jingdong is also a company that makes sure that they are socially active and that they answer to the plights of the world. Jingdong makes sure that they stay relevant and that they create efforts to answer to environmental and communal causes. Here are some of the initiatives that Jingdong has done:


Environmental Initiatives: Jingdong has recently opted out their plastic material for packaging for a more sustainable option. Jingdong knows that there is a global problem on plastic waste management and so they want to set an example for other companies to be environmental responsible with their productions. Jingdong has also shifted out their traditional delivery vans for more sustainable delivery vehicles. Get More Information Here.


Initiative in the Community: Jingdong knows the struggles of maintaining and running a physical and brick-and-mortar store. And so, Jingdong has been opening up the platform of Jingdong to brick and mortar stores in Beijing so that they can improve their efficiency and productivity. Jingdong Mall has opened up the opportunity to use their inventory system to physical businesses so that they can improve their own systems.


Jingdong and Richard Liu Qiangdong are prime examples on how companies and businesses should run productions responsibly. Jingdong is a company that is socially relevant and answers to the plight of the environment. Jingdong surely serves as an inspiration for other companies to follow.


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