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Media Mogul: Ryan Seacrest


Becoming a media mogul is no easy task for anyone. But for some reason Ryan Seacrest makes it seem effortless. The millionaire is known for his work in the media industry. He is extremely successful beyond his years. Although he is incredibly successfully, he is also a charitable man. He works to give back and to help others. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation gives children in pediatric medical facilities the opportunity to become media professionals. His foundation hopes to give children the opportunity to escape from the reality of their sickness and imagine what it would be like to be a radio or television host.


Ryan Seacrest has a unique appeal to him. His style is captive. He has been able to monetize his style by launching a menswear clothing line. His clothing line embodies his style and unique way of dressing. Being a smart businessman who knew that some of the same customers that would purchase from his clothing line Ryan Seacrest Distinction would also purchase from a skincare line. The media mogul turned businessman invested into creating a skincare line. Both of these companies are launching a lifestyle brand centered around fashion and skincare.


Ryan Seacrest can be seen all over television. Television may just be one of the most popular places people are familiar with Ryan Seacrest from. Live With Kelly And Ryan is the daytime television show he co-hosts. American Idol is another television show he hosts. Hosting this television show is perhaps one of the highlights of his career.


Radio is one of Ryan Seacrest’s passion. He has a top radio show in California named On Air With Ryan. This radio show has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities. His foundation closely creates a similar experience based off of the radio show for the children that have access the pretend radio shows the foundation works to create for children. Ultimately, Ryan Seacrest has many highlights of his career but he shows no signs of slowing down his work life anytime. There is still so much to see from the very successful businessman and famous media mogul.


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