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Victoria Doramus Helps Fight Addiction In New York City


Victoria Doramus knows how much an addiction to drugs can impact your life as a recovering addict herself. In New York City, addiction is running rampant and many people do not know where to turn for help. She has hit rock bottom and knew that she had nowhere to go but up unless she wanted to lose her life. In order to beat addiction, she knew that she needed to take responsibility for her actions and be committed to beating her problem with the help of her friends In New York City.

In 2011, Victoria Doramus went through her first round of rehab for 45 in Arizona. While it temporarily made her feel better about her situation and herself, it did not teach her what she needed to know about addiction to overcome it. While she may have left her former situation, it was not effective and she ended up turning to drugs again. When she hit rock bottom in 2016, Victoria Doramus attended rehab again and knew that she needed to prepare herself for the difficult battle with the horrendous disease.

In 2016, she returned to her beloved New York City prepared to do whatever was needed to stay clean and prove to her loved ones that she could overcome her issues. Her mother was battling cancer and the doctors that she was seeing in New York City seemed to be more concerned about making a profit instead of really helping her stay clean. They prescribed medications that did not help the situation of Victoria Doramus and may have made them worse. Get More Information Here.

In early 2017, Victoria Doramus knew that she had no choice but to get better or she would die. She began volunteering in New York City with the Amy Winehouse Foundation while continuing her career in trend analysis and marketing. She was able to use her talents to help these organizations she cared so much about.

Now, Victoria Doramus is always looking for new ways to help those that are in a similar situation as hers who want to get over the disease of addiction and live good lives.


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