Fourth Generation

The Business Life For Over 80 Years New Partnership With The British Fashion Council was founded in 1998, but it was made an online business in 2004 after the outbreak of SARS. Over the years Richard Liu Qiangdong the CEO for Jingdong company has been in the front line to establish a variety of products in the company. He has EMBA earned from the China Europe International Business School hence has the skills to make significant changes in the company. started as a small retail business selling magneto-optical products, but a few years later Richard Liu introduced Electronics, Consumer goods as well as various Fashion for both men and women. All products are of high-quality since there are hired experts with extensive skills and passion for meeting the needs of all customers. has been named as the largest retail business in China; therefore, Richard Liu has the responsibility to make significant decisions that contribute to the well-being of the company. Recently, Jingdong company aligned worth the British council that specializes in fashion. This partnership is estimated to last for three years only and aims at providing support to the scheduled designers as well as the London Week Fashion events. partnership with the British Fashion Council will play a significant role in introducing new fashion designs from the British to the Chinese consumer market; this will be possible through collaboration with international designers.

The partnership also aims at bringing diversity in the fashion industry to ensure that both China and the British share cultural ideas to reduce the existing gap in the fashion industry of China. More than 300 million customers from Jingdong will benefit from this fashion partnership as well as the designers who have the opportunity to implement new designs provided with motivation and new ideas. Hiushan Zhang, Rejina Pyo and Le Kilt are designers shortlisted to introduce new models to the audience and give people new ideas about fashion during the show hosted in Shanghai by JD in March 2018. Go Here to learn more.

Richard Liu understands that his company must collaborate with other companies such as the British to share technology, skills, and ideas to ensure that JD serves all clients with nothing but the best products.


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