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Harvard University Basketball Team owes Yanni Hufnagel huge thanks



During March madness, Yanni Hufnagel went out of his way to make sure Harvard University’s ity Basketball Team walked away with a victory. I’m sure that this assistant coach knew what consequences would follow, but his great reputation as a basketball scout and recruiter was short lived. He ended up leaving and having to move to Vanderbilt. Harvard University’s Basketball team definitely owes Yanni a huge Thanks considering it was their very first victory. His next landed adventure was becoming an assistant coach for Vanderbilt University, which he was very Impressed about. He didn’t wanna turn down the opportunity.


Yanni has worked with two NBA stars, Jeremy Lin and Blake Griffin during their college careers as well. As a top recruiter he was asked what he looked for in a basketball player. Yanni Expressed it in what was simple to some, but yet the key to choosing. He claimed it was three basic things he would ask his players. One was if they thought they were a winner, Two was is they thought they were coachable and three was if they thought they were likable or someone he’d like to be around. He also explained how he was always able to really learn about someone and get to know a person by a simple phone conversation as well.


Yanni Hufnagel explains how he’s very humbled hearing how everyone looks at him as a good recruiter. He tells how he likes to take on his job with contagious energy and a positive spirit. That in itself makes for a great assistant coach. If the players feel that energy, there’s a win in it for everyone. Yanni makes a statement saying how although he may need time and space to be able to shoot a ball, he knows that he wouldn’t dare waste a teams last shot… that instead he would just have one of his well coached players take the shot instead.


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