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Paul Herdsman Reflects On Work Experiences And Entrepreneurship Expertise


US companies continue to rely on outsourcing services for customer relations, sales, marketing, human resources, and technical support to reduce overhead costs.


Paul Herdsman, the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of NICE Global ventured on his own as a business owner in 2014. Before he became an entrepreneur, he learned the outsourcing business while working for large corporations. He has years of expertise in business development in all areas of departments to help a company run efficiently and productively. In an interview, on, he tells all about his work experience and expertise in entrepreneurship.


After working in the outsource provider sector, Paul Herdsman and a business partner started NICE Global, a Jamaican outsourcing business provider. The company is a provider of outsourcing services to companies in the United States. Paul knows how important it is to training and educating employees in the workplace and various departments. Paul Herdsman’s specialty is in building strategies and creating and streamlining processes for mid-sized and big companies. What inspired him to establish a partnership and build NICE is reflecting on his prior positions and job responsibilities.


Paul Herdsman acknowledged in the interview his inspiration to become an entrepreneur came a year before the formation of NICE Global. He worked years within the outsource sectors of service departments in the US and other countries. As a leader, he organized inbound sales, live chat, technical support, and human resource departments. Paul built successful teams through educating and training employees based on work ethnics and standards. Click Here to learn more.


Today, Paul Herdsman is offering outsourcing services with the benefits of increasing profits, transparency, and trustworthiness. He ensures each employee receives continuous education, mentorship, and training by constant monitoring performance and quality of work. Paul Herdsman is in the process of expanding NICE Global to other locations within Jamaica and Spanish countries.


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