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Sharon Prince And Grace Farms Bring Architectural Elegance To The Connecticut Countryside


When Sharon Prince was looking for a new way of affecting the lives of the people of the world in a positive way she wished to begin her project outside her backdoor in New Canaan, Connecticut. The former President of the 66North outerwear brand hoped to bring the arts to her local community and take on some of the most difficult social issues in the world from a unique building in the Connecticut countryside. Despite the high cost of real estate, Prince and her supporters secured over 80 acres of land in New Canaan before beginning work on an innovative community center.

Sharon Prince hoped the community center she would help create as part of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation would be a focal point for the good works she hopes to complete. Incorporating so many facets of interest including arts spaces, lecture rooms, and outdoor areas initially caused an issue for the Japanese architectural company, SANAA. The struggles to create a workable design continued until Sharon Prince directed the team to create a building which would blend into the rural setting and become one with nature.

SANAA created the River Building with more than 80,000 square feet of space for different projects to be completed which serves the local community and a growing list of global charities and corporations. Creating an inclusive and generous environment means welcoming people of all faiths and religions to the site to discuss their beliefs in an open and engaging environment. See This Page for related information.

One of the biggest issues many not for profit groups face is encouraging people to take the initial step through their front door to engage in social activities. For this reason, Sharon Prince gave the order for the River Building at the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation to have no front door or threshold for people to err over as they entered this multipurpose public space.




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