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Monthly Archives: February, 2019

Richard Liu Qiangdong: Entrepreneurial Success Story

  Richard Liu Qiangdong heads China’s largest e-retailer and one of the largest companies in the world. He’s worth an estimated $12 billion USD and his success has largely been … Continue reading

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How JD.Com Will Improve Products Being Delivered In Japan is considered the largest retailer in China. Rakuten Incorporated (RI) is an e-commerce company. The two companies formed an alliance to help create a better delivery solution of … Continue reading

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Victoria Doramus Helps Fight Addiction In New York City

  Victoria Doramus knows how much an addiction to drugs can impact your life as a recovering addict herself. In New York City, addiction is running rampant and many people … Continue reading

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  Richard Liu Qiangdong is the Chief Executive Officer of This is a leading Chinese Internet company that he founded in 1998. The company is well known in China … Continue reading

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Alastair Borthwick Life As A Broadcaster, An Author And War Veteran

  Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish broadcaster and author whose book recorded the popularization of hill climbing as an activity for working-class sport in Scotland, and the Second World War … Continue reading

February 21, 2019 · Leave a Comment New Partnership With The British Fashion Council was founded in 1998, but it was made an online business in 2004 after the outbreak of SARS. Over the years Richard Liu Qiangdong the CEO for Jingdong company … Continue reading

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Harvard University Basketball Team owes Yanni Hufnagel huge thanks

  View this post on Instagram From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow. — Aeschylus A post shared by Yanni Hufnagel (@yanni) on Sep 14, 2018 at 5:10pm … Continue reading

February 15, 2019 · Leave a Comment Always At The Forefront

China’s largest online and overall retailer is once again leading the way into the future. In early 2019 with the approval of the government made a drone delivery … Continue reading

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Roseann Bennett, Marriage And Family Therapist

  Roseann Bennett is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The has more than ten years of experience in the field of counseling, psychology and therapy. Roseann Bennett is from … Continue reading

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Paul Herdsman Reflects On Work Experiences And Entrepreneurship Expertise

  US companies continue to rely on outsourcing services for customer relations, sales, marketing, human resources, and technical support to reduce overhead costs.   Paul Herdsman, the Chief Operating Officer … Continue reading

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