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About Nick Vertucci, the Poker Playing NVREA CEO

Nick Vertucci has played Poker for quite some time now. Apart from being poker player, he is a real estate entrepreneur. He has earned himself millions out of the business over the years. He has written quite a number of books concerning real estate. Despite Nick Vertucci not making millions from playing poker, he is still famous. He has played poker for more than 15 years making him well known among the poker fans. He has made what can be considered as risky moves over the years and from his point of view, his sporting career played a role in his real estate success.

Over the years Nick Vertucci concentrated on real estate, nurturing his talent and amassing wealth. His passion for poker remains with him. Nick Vertucci has regularly improved and tested his poker skills. Currently he is applying more effort to skills. Vertucci was able to make some money for the first time in a tournament that was held in California. He won 7,500 dollars for being number 8.He was not contented with number 8 and worked towards improving.

Despite being well known for poker playing, Vertucci is still known for the work he has done in real estate, mainly the opening of real estate academy. He is able to balance between a real estate investor and being a poker player. He has played with some of the big names in porker tournaments. Phil Lakk and Matusow usually accompany Vertucci to high profile tournaments.

Playing with big names in tournaments has enhanced his ability of reading other people’s mind. Real estate investment is all about pre-emptying people’s move. With poker game, a player needs to know when to make the right move. Vertucci is best in balancing careers. He has succeeded both in poker playing and real estate business.

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