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The Business Life For Over 80 Years Shows Off New Developments In Las Vegas will be attending its first CES in 2019. As the world’s largest retailer and an innovator in technology, it is the perfect place for it to showcase its new and groundbreaking technology. has already made great strides in delivery systems and logistics. It delivers to 99% of China, and it does so in a way that is environmentally conscious. has recently launched its recyclable packaging initiative called “Green Stream Initiative”, and it also uses drones to make many deliveries. Visitors at CES will be able to take a virtual flight with one of the drones as it makes a delivery.

It is now unveiling its latest way to deliver products. will soon be using delivery stations using robots to deliver packages. It is part of their last mile initiative that aims to be completely green. The delivery stations can be used in the final 5km of any delivery. Each delivery robot can be loaded with up to 30 packages. In one day they would be able to deliver 2,000 packages. Refer to This Article for more information.

The robots will avoid other traffic and navigate around cities. Customers would then use facial recognition software to make sure the right people end up with the correct packages. JD sees this as another stage in the revolution taking place in commerce. They already use an automated system to process orders.

Along with the delivery stations, will also allow visitors to this year’s CES to see the technology uses to help their workers lift heavy packages, and they will be able to see new software that lets people control their smart devices from their cars.

As prides itself on its ability to process and deliver orders within 1-2 days, and often on the same day, it will continue to research and develop the latest technology to help streamline the process.


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