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Robert Deignan The Tech Support Expert

Mr. Robert Deignan is a very successful businessman who has achieved his success in the field of technology. Mr. Deignan attended Purdue University from 1992-1995 and obtained a business management degree. He then went on to Co-found a company called ATS digital services in August 2011. He is currently the acting CEO of the company. The company focuses on helping home and small businesses resolve technology issues quickly and reliably at a low cost. The company troubleshoots mobile phones, computers, and tablets of any operating system. ATS also provides a service where they teach clients how to use the Cloud and the company is also starting a new truck toll service soon.


Mr. Deignan has built a great company that has a great system in place and the result is great success. In an article by News Vision Mr. Deignan accredits some of his success to having a healthy relation with technology. This healthy relationship ensures that he gets the most of the upside of technology and less of the downside. Mr. Deignan think people have to dictate their relationship with technology and not vice versa. Technology should be used for productivity and not wasting a lot of time on social media. It was pivotal for Mr. Deignan himself to master this process when starting ATS.


The article also states that technology can change the way a person thinks and the way a person pays attention to information. So people have to diversify task each day and consume information in different ways like reading. These are some principles that Mr. Deignan followed which attributed to his success. Mr. Deignan does credit technology for his success and for the vast opportunities it has for other entrepreneurs. He just wants to emphasise the importance of doing everything in moderation even technology. Mr. Deignan is a very successful technology mogul but his life is very diverse. To him reading a book is just as important as checking an email.

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