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The Business Life For Over 80 Years Recipient Of The SEAL Business Sustainability Award 2018 is China’s leading technology-driven retrail infrastructure provider and e-commerce. has been chosen to receive the SEAL Business Sustainability Award for 2018. This award is in honor to JingDong’s commitment to environmental causes, its broad contributions to social innovation and the impact of Corporate Responsibility Program. Especially for the past five years, the CSR team has been coming up with solutions to encourage sustainable development.


In 2018, announced its launch of “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” in urban areas. They are launching a new research center in Xiongan. It is dedicated to developing automation technology for logistics in China’s smart cities. It will focus on urban logistics hubs and big data and cloud computing logistics. Their smart logistics was designed as a response to the fact that freight vehicles currently take up as much as a third of the road capacity. With the urban boom in China, this has rapidly become an obstacle.


Aside from the blocking issues, it has also been disrupting people’s lives and causing further pollution. Jingdong’s solution to this is making use of subterranean tracks and integrated pipe corridors. It has so far been found to be the most effective solution to keeping things more out of the way and aesthetically pleasing. View More Information Here.


Another major project that has been involved with is reviving traditional brick-and-mortar bookstores. Bookstores worldwide are facing numerous obstacles to staying in business due to serious declines in traffic and sales and competition with e-readers. has its own online book business and has also been providing solutions for brick-and-mortar bookstores. These solutions include solutions for technology and book acquisition. is trying to modernize supply and increase profits for offline stores. Their solutions include trekking the logistics network which leads to saving on shipping costs. In between May and December 2017, profits increased to almost 20 percent.


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