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The Business Life For Over 80 Years Helps 11.11 Wishes Come True Delivering Most Packages in 24 Hours


11.11. In the United States, millennials know this as a good luck charm, or the perfect time to make a wish, in other countries this time has a more significant meaning. 11.11 is Singles’ Day in China, China’s Cyber Monday. And with the help of, this year’s sales grew exponentially.

Sunday, November 11, 2018 was Singles’ Day in China. This is when the country could enjoy the largest and greatest deals on anything and everything online from clothes to appliances, beauty products, electronics and more!

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The actual Singles’ Day Shopping Festival spans from November 1st until November 11th in China. November 11, 2018 marked the official Singles’ Day: the day with the biggest and best online discounts of the year.

JD sold over $23 billion in goods, moving more than 400 million items during this event. Food, clothing and electronics dominated sales this year.



Food sales during the Singles’ Day Shopping Festival doubled this year as 29,500 tons of fresh produce were purchased in 2018. Businesses rushed to buy vegetables, meats, seafood and top shelf products at low tier prices. Meat demand was at its all-time highest. Singles’ Day sold 12 tons of Canadian lobster and 2,800 tons of pork and beef product.



It’s clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Virtual Reality (VR) are peaking traction and consumer interest. Smart appliances such as robotic vacuums, thermostats, and refrigerators saw sales four times greater in 2018 than 2017. Impact

Even with sales volumes of this magnitude, was able to deliver 90% of these orders within 24 hours for the ultimate customer experience. also created “slim tape” for its packages shipping from fulfillment. As a result, 100 million meters of tape were saved!

Here’s to another successful Singles’ Day next year on November 11, 2019. Let’s ship more packages faster, smarter and more efficiently!


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