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The Long Walk with Igor Cornelsen in Investment Management

Igor Cornelsen has a triumphant journey of life from early life, school life professionalism and even his personal life. He was born and raised up in Curitiba Brazil from October 4th 1947. He began his elementary education and later got enrolled for High School education. He passed exemplary well and got admission at Federal University of Parana for an undergraduate course in Engineering. After graduating from this school, he has realized he had a passion in Economics and against all odds enrolled for an Economic course at the same institution. This lay basis for his professional life he is famous for today.

In 1970, Cornelsen began his professional practice in an investment bank. He was able to blending in his engineering knowledge computing complex rates that made his be sought after for possessing this skill. He later became an investment banker at Rio, was promoted to join the Board of Directors at Multibanco and eventually rose to become the company’s CEO. He only left after the Company merged with the Bank of America.

Unibanco came hunting for him, it is an investment firm. Much later he moved to London and began working for Libra Bank PLC, and he got to be paid in US dollars for the first time. Elsewhere, he has been appointed as a Brazilian representative in various business forums and at one time was engaged to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. As an investment manager and adviser, he has had a very successful career.

About Igor Cornelsen

He is an investment expert based in Brazil and has extensive experience of over 3 decades. His experience has made him understand the market and navigate fiscal and economic crisis. Igor Cornelsen is thrilled when he gets to introduce something to the market that others have not made known of. He advises that young entrepreneurs should read widely about the market and develop good networks.

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