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Oren Frank Turned A Positive Therapy Experience Into A Passion For Mental Health

Talkspace is an online therapy company started in 2012 by Oren Frank and Roni Frank. People who use Talkspace have access to a licensed therapist through their computer or mobile device. There are over 500,000 clients that use this service.

Oren and Roni Frank created Talkspace to address a problem with healthcare. After taking therapy that saved their marriage, Oren and Roni wondered why therapy wasn’t accessible to everyone. They did not make the app to replace therapy, but to give access to those who could not get help another way. Talkspace helps people who could not afford therapy, live in a rural area where it may not be available, and people who do not have insurance. Many of the people who use the app would not have access to help otherwise.

Oren Frank has recently hired Niel Leibowitz to join the Talkspace. Neil Leibowitz was previously the senior medical director at United Health. With Niel joining Talkspace the company will be able to prescribe medicines when needed. Leibowitz was skeptical about the service at first because it is something new. He was impressed however at Talkspace dedication to providing affordable therapy to anyone who has internet access.

Lebowitz was also hired to help with the corporate side of the business. Oren Frank hopes that corporations will make up at least half of Talkspaces revenue next year. An employee’s mental health can greatly affect a company. Studies show that employees who suffer from anxiety or depression are less productive. Frank Owen stated that businesses that use Talkspace have about ten percent of their employees using the service.

Oren Frank has a dedication to fighting for mental health awareness. Oren’s twitter account is full of articles that he has retweeted involving mental health including Depression, ADHD, and Bipolar Disorders. Talkspace has also partnered with Michale Phelps in a T.V add campaign to spread mental awareness. Michale Phelps has battled with depression despite being a successful athlete. The ads aim to show people that anyone can suffer from mental illness.

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