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Anthony C. Constantinou Unearth Some New Concepts In Artificial Intelligence


He is one of the highly esteemed persons in modern science. He has researched widely and written many reports, journals, books and publication on topics of Machine learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Bayesian Network among other things related to Artificial intelligence. Anthony C. Constantinou is this mogul in science who has great acumen and is determined to make new discoveries in science that will be relevant even to the present generation and those coming after.

Anthony C. Constantinou’s key areas of focus motivated by the desire to help people make rational decisions even in the face of uncertainty; where ordinarily people are bound to make uninformed choices subject to either external or internal factors. As the head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, he is tasked with nurturing young researchers, lead research teams and even in the administrative management. This ideally means that all matters of enrollment, registration and curriculum must be done professional under his watch.


About Anthony Constantinou

Anthony Constantinou is very passionate and committed to his work which he had been doing for year now. Anthony Constantinou desires that he may invent something new or better still have a better understanding of the broad subject of Artificial Intelligence. He invests a lot of time into research.

What’s more Anthony Constantinou is a reputable Lecturer at the University of Queen Mary in London where he teaches his student a range of unit in his area of expertise. In addition to this, he is an associate professor a title he has garnered from his excellence in academic work and rightfully merits. He has extensive experience having started out at an affiliate school in Aegenarisk before being promoted in ranks and relocated to the Queen Mary University campus in the United Kingdom. Go Here for more information.

Anthony Constantinou’s work in research has been a joint effort. He has lead a team of researcher at EPSRC among other organization with medical interests. Apparently, Constantinou is in a quest to establish application of artificial intelligence to sports among other human activities done routinely.


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