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Michael Burwell’s Success Story


Michael Burwell is the CFO of Willis Towers Watson which is a consulting firm providing an assortment of services no matter the size. He graduated from the University of Michigan with his undergraduate. He has had more than 30 years of experience in advising in all sorts of roles.

Elected as a partner after working 11 years on services for advisement in business and his success skyrocketed. He ended up taking over the United States central region and this position took him to the national level. Michael Burwell became Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. As of 2012, his new role became Vice Chairman Global and United States Transformation. He earned this by expanding shared information throughout the company.

Most of his ideas come from a lot of people within the company. Michael Burwell knows that his staff can give insight and outlook that someone from outside could not see as clearly. A lot of their improvements have been completed just by having good people understand what is going on.

Michael Burwell knows how to be productive. He knows that there are plenty of tools out there so that he can get more done in less time. Performance is vital in his field and making sure that his duties and tasks are complete is a priority.

Because his job is in consulting services, he gives and takes a lot of advice. One of the main things that he stresses is to cultivate and build relationships with people that are in the same industry. Excellent communication with others is not only how things get done but how to help other people as well. Listen to people and give them relevant instruction so they can accomplish their own goals.

Michael Burwell’s average day starts at 5 AM and he even states that he makes his bed even in a hotel room. He talks about the minute accomplishments at the start of the day can make headway for the rest of the jobs that need tackling. He is well organized and prepares himself for future goals.


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