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Charlamagne Tha God Focuses On New Eminem Album

For more than a decade Eminem has been proclaimed as one of the best in the rap game. He has easily become recognizable as a rapper that has bars in the rap game, but he is getting up in age. People are wondering if he will go out with a bang the way that Jay-Z did with a platinum album. When “The Revival” in 2017 was released this is what people were hoping for. Charlemagne Tha God was one of the more vocal commentators for radio shows when it came to announcing that this was not the stellar Eminem material that he had hoped for. Now it appears that Eminem is striking back with his own creative wordplay where he gives a shout out to Charlemagne.


Some may have said that this was a jab at Charlemagne for all of his antics of always being critical of entertainers in the spotlight. When Charlemagne took a chance to look at the actual words that were said by Eminem he felt that Eminem agreed with him about the statement that was made about the lackluster 2017 album.


Charlamagne Tha God has gone on Instagram to praise this new album even though he did not considering the previous album so praiseworthy. He has found a way to provide some commentary on this with his co-host that lasted for about 30 minutes. He is still unsure of whether Eminem will actually stop by The Breakfast Club to speak on any of this. It is, however, making for great hip hop conversations.


There has even been a debate on whether the material for the new Dr. Dre produced album is dated. There is a verse on “The Ringer” where Eminem talks about starting off 2018 with commentary on Charlamagne Tha God, but 2018 is almost over. This is why some people are wondering if this was a song that was actually recorded earlier and simply released later this year. It is all a playful part of the hip hop scene that Charlamagne Tha God takes in stride. He says that he life is great because he is immortalized in these diss records. Visit This Page for more information.


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