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Rodrigo Terpins – King of the Brazilian Rally Track

Rodrigo Terpins is arguably one of the most successful and skilled rally drivers of all times from Brazil. His life is one of a kind since his career is a talent he has had for the longest time. Doing what he loves perhaps has made him the successful driver he is today. Rodrigo says that his job requires experience and discipline as well.


Rodrigo’s Role Models

Rodrigo says that his role models are his father and brother. He comes from a family of champions. Rodrigo’s father has been the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress while his brother is also a rally driver too. Born and raised in Brazil, Rodrigo spent lots of time in his childhood fixing cars.


Rodrigo’s Career Achievements and History

Terpins presently works as a senior director for T5 Partipacoes. He is also an astute businessman that has been able to grow quite a large business empire in Brazil. He went to the Saint Hilaire University where he acquired a degree in business management. He is also the current president of his organization Lojas Marisa. Despite this huge success in the corporate world, Rodrigo has been able still to build a very successful career behind the wheel. As such, he has won several competitions, especially for competitions where he drove through the very rough terrain. Check out



Rodrigo is also quick to indicate that his success is as a result of lots of efforts and dedications both from him and his friend that doubles up as a co-driver when they are rallying. He is a rally driver with a huge following both locally at Brazil and all over the world. Some of the greatest races he has won include the T1 prototype.

Rodrigo also took part in the Sertoes Rally with Fabricio Manchiana and emerged the winner after covering over 2600 kilometers of road. During this rally, fans dubbed him “King of Road.”  You can visit Terra for more.


Having been born and raised in this hometown- Goias he widely celebrates there and continues to amass more following by the day. In due time, Rodrigo Terpins might be listed as one of the most successful rally drivers of all time.


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