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Charitable Deeds Of Vinod Gupta In The Education Sector


Vinod Gupta is a self-made multi-millionaire who studied agricultural engineering in the Indian Institute, Kharagpur. Later, he attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, where he attained a master’s degree in agricultural engineering, and business. Gupta also got his postgraduate degree from the same university. Currently, he is the managing general partner of the Everest group. Apart from his work, Vinod Gupta uses the fruits of his success to benefit others.


His advocacy to Education, especially Women’s Education, led Vinod to donate $1 million for the expansion of the Ram Rati Gupta polytechnic. Ram Rati is a polytechnic school for women that began in 2000. Furthermore, he provided funds to develop a girl’s school in the same location.


Vinod Gupta also donated $2 million for the creation of Vinod Gupta School of management. The school is the only business school built under the umbrella of IIT. Founded in 1993, it offers MBA option and a faster track to Ph.D programs.


Additionally, he established the Rajiv Gandhi School of intellectual property law, in 2006. The school is           under the IIT umbrella. Vinod Gupta started the school in partnership with George Washington University in Washington DC. Go Here for related Information.


At the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Gupta set up a scholarship fund worth $500,000. The funds financially aid minority students entering the engineering, or science program. He also donated $2 million for curriculum creation, for the business management program, in the university.


In honor of his son, Vinod Gupta collaborated with the US Department of State’s Office, and the George Washington University School of Business, to create the Benjamin Kane Gupta Fellows Program. The program provides internship opportunities for MBA graduate students. Gupta also created a Ben Gupta Endowed Fund for International Legal Education. He donated $1 million for the fund, for students pursuing an LLM degree, or Juris Doctor.



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