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Michael Burwell Reflecting The Leader He Sees In Himself


Willis Towers Watson appointed a new Chief Financial Officer in Michael Burwell in October of 2017 and is about to clock one year with the firm.


Willis Towers Watson is a consulting firm that confers with both large and small organizations on versatile issues. Most of Michael’s career was developed by Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC), having spent three decades and a year there.


For the first 11 years, he was concerned with giving advisory services to businesses. A decade of experience was enough to back him for a big promotion. Alongside being nominated for a partner, he joined the company’s transaction business in Detroit in 1997.

He had a successful run in Detroit and that earned him the reins of the transaction business in the United States.

Higher he went, and his first Chief Financial Officer Job came in 2009 representing the whole of PwC in the U.S. and was also the Chief Operations Officer. His success builds him a resume that the global reins were also handed to him this time as Vice Chairman of Transformation within and outside the United States.


The internal shared services of the company were his area of jurisdiction and he was tasked with building and expanding them. Michael attributes his ascending productivity to having a positive mindset and the right use of up to date technology and sharing it which breeds an exchange of ideas.


Michael Burwell also believes in collaboration rather than consensus and in positivity and relentlessness, which are part of the elements that have helped him rise to the top. He insists on being a keen listener and everyone establishing their own networks.


He does not let ideas get muffled down and tries to bring each one into action which was once a failure and a learning point to him, as they released a technology that fell behind in the market. See Related Link for additional information.


Michael is a Business Administration alumni of Michigan State University where he holds a bachelor’s degree. The institution recognized him as the alumnus of the year in 2010. Moreover, he is a licensed public accountant.


Michael’s leadership is backed by his favorite quote which states that the only place where one can look for leadership is in the mirror.





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