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National Steel Car is a renowned company in the manufacturing industry of vehicles and specializes in the designing, engineering and developing of railroad merchandise and tank cars. The company came into being in 1912 and was founded by Sir John Morison Gibson, and it has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.


Currently, the company has Gregory James Aziz as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman who acquired the company in 1994 through Hamilton Corporation a company he owned. After a few years of acquisition of the property, Greg Aziz had increased the company‘s personnel from 500 employees to 3,000 with the sole purpose of improving production and the quality of products as well. The National Steel car supplies various rolling ranging from railway operators and commercial rail operators to Canadian and American clients.


Greg Aziz has worked hard to take the National Steel Car Company to another level that fits the current market. In that case, he has the right people for the job especially in this technological era that requires professionals. With the kind and quality of products the company provides, it has become popular in a competitive market which makes it a leading railroad freight and tank car constructor.


The company is as well guided by Greg Aziz’s principles such as devotion to the traditions of their past, moving forward with willpower and carrying out their roles with a persistent focus on distinction and quality. The fact that the company is not contented with past accomplishments means that they work towards setting new goals and achieving new levels of success. Seeking the opinion of the customers they serve has been helpful as they provide what is needed to fit the customers’ preferences.


National Steel Car due to its commitment to serving its customers and their emphasis on quality, the company has received the annual TTX SECO award for more than ten years consecutively. The leadership by Greg James Aziz could be said to have contributed to most of the achievements of the company considering that he has been there for almost twenty years. The fact that he has a supportive team behind him with whom decisions get made makes him stand out in his responsibilities.  Visit This Page for more information.


With his vast experience in the field of business, the company is expected to thrive more as he knows the kind of strategies to use to survive in the competitive market. The type of relationship the company has created with its customers and suppliers as well as the employees have helped the company flourish as there are no unnecessary setbacks caused by either of these parties.



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