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Roseann Bennett’s Big Heart For The Needy

Roseann Bennett is a renowned family and marriage therapist. She has been working in this field for over 10 years. She has worked with different individuals with varying needs in her quest to help them overcome life challenges. Roseann also operated in a capacity of in-home family therapist where she tackled marital, family, and individual therapy. Roseann Bennett also dealt with crisis and case management, as well as, treatment planning. The population that she mainly focused on was the adolescents. Roseann Bennett is a compassionate therapist who has varied training in assessment and therapy.


Roseann Bennett established an Assessment and Treatment Center in the year 2009. The agency opened its door to the public in the year 2010 and has helped hundreds of people who are experiencing various life challenges both external and internal. Recently The center adopted the Canine Assisted Therapy in dealing with mental health issues.


The agency has tackled cases that are within their grasp and even exceeding the grasp. The agency is a charitable organization whose main focus is advocating and treating all patients regardless of their backgrounds. Roseann Bennett is keen on the individuals who less privileged in the society. Roseann Bennett has always considered topics on women in the workplace and mental health extremely important to her as seen in her regularly maintained blogs. She hopes that her resources on these two topics will help in educating people suffering from these challenges.


Roseann’s idea of publishing these articles in her blog with intention of helping others relates to the idea behind establishing the center. Her experience after working in the community for some years gave her the revelation that the low-income individuals lacked both the services and important information for their health. See This Page for additional information


According to the Medical Daily Times, Roseann Bennett has talked about things that could help an individual with mental health issues. She advocates on talking to someone and watching on triggers of stress. Bennett also advocates on focusing on good moments experienced during the day. Most people struggle with things that are beyond their grasp, in this case, she advocates letting go of things that you do not have control over.



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