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Vinod Gupta: Background Information And Advice Included

Vinod Gupta is renowned business executive and entrepreneur from Lincoln Nebraska. He has almost forty years of knowledge in broad span of companies in the U.S and everywhere. Rampur Mahyaran, India is where Gupta was born and raised. For education in 1962 he attended the Indian Institute of Technology Kharapur or (IIT Kharapur). Currently Gupta is the General Partner of Everest Capital Partners, Inc, in Omaha Nebraska.


Vinod Gupta quickly noticed a void that was played in a certain niche market. He then took action to fill it up. At the moment of getting formal higher education he got a job in the marketing department. This was for company of mobile home manufacturing. Vinod Gupta has been asked to put together a comprehensive list of national businesses that would probably want to buy the product of his company. After finding out a list like that didn’t exist he embarked on a trek to make one. When doing this he got a loan from the bank for one-hundred dollars.


He used it for straight mail marketing of his business leading to business databases. He right away started to get pre-order from different vendors inside his mobile homes business. He then utilized his business model to form his first business: American Business Information. Before existence of something like Google or a GPS, he increased the databases to only give relevant information in categories and released for purchase.


The company’s gone through great influences, growth, and organization to mirror the influence in magnitude. This company has been sold for $680 million and rehanged to the name of “infoGROUP”. Vinod Gupta would encourage the youth of today to endeavor into a lifestyle of an entrepreneur. There’s also to get sharp on particular things like technologies entrepreneurs care about. He would also warn in taking risks wisely. See Related Link for more information.



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