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Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad

In the medical industry, serving the people with dedication and commitment is one of the best things that one could ever do. Professionals in that industry are expected to be people of great reputation and people who can be trusted to maintain the sanctity of life. It is for such reasons that the industry is highly regulated. In the United States, there are bodies which will approve anyone who will be alo0wed to practice medicine in the country. A board verification is one of the things which every patient should look for in a doctor.




One of the highly respected medical practitioners in New Jersey is Dr. Saad Saad. This is a professional who served with diligence and dedication for the past four decades that he has been in the industry. In the period that he has worked in this industry. He has made a difference in the lives of many people who have benefited from his expertise in conducting surgical operations that have ended with the elimination of illness which have been affecting the people. In his career, he has assisted people from different backgrounds. He has saved the lives of the poor, rich and people of different language from his own. He has never allowed such differences to be the reason he does not give proper services to the patient.




His expertise has been recognized a number through some of the opportunities he has been given to serve in. He has worked with the Saudi Royal family where they had hired him as a personal pediatric surgeon for four and a half years. He has worked with different humanitarian organizations with the aim of making a difference in the lives of young people from poor families. He has been to the Middle East a number of times to offer free medical services. ‘When Saad Saad gets an opportunity to serve the people, he does it with passion. He was brought up from a poor background and understands what it means to be poor.




  1. Saad Saad holds the profession with great esteem, and he has never allowed anyone to take it from him. He has done so much trying to make a difference in the lives of the people. He has also made great contributions trying to bring a difference in the medical industry through inventions which make service delivery better.


  1. Saad Saad today has two major contributions which he has made in the medical industry. He has invented a device which will locate the catheter inserted into the body. It will not require a scanning machine as it has previously been the case. The other device he has created will be used together with the endoscope. It is a suctions instrument that will eliminate body fluids when doing medical examinations in internal body parts. Learn more:




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