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DeVos Knows How to Defend Herself

The Latest on Betsy DeVos

Recently, the New York Times did an article about Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos is a conservative woman who was appointed to be the Secretary of Education by President Trump. Much is known about this very public Republican. DeVos is 59 years old, and she grew up in the state of Michigan. DeVos comes from a wealthy family; her father was a man who is highly involved in politics; he had a particular passion for Christian conservative ideals. DeVos had a difficult time adjusting to Washington; when she first started off, she was asked several questions about her policies on the Federal law and education, and she showed little confidence in her answers. When she gave the suggestion that officers in school should carry guns to protect themselves and children from bears, she became a target for criticism and jokes. In spite of that, DeVos has been able to rise to the top as a public figure.


Presidents Trump’s Decision

President Trump made the decision to revoke a policy that allowed students who were transgender to use bathrooms that were in accord with the gender of which they identify themselves. DeVos was not in agreement with this decision, and she wanted to be able to meet with representatives from the Department of Education who supported gay and transgender students; she wanted to give them notification of the decision that was made. DeVos was resistant to this decision, but her colleagues know that the difference has caused no dissension within the Trump administration.


Betsy DeVos and Her Fight for Education

Betsy DeVos has a long history of fighting for charter schools in the Midwest. Michigan is the state that has the most charter schools in all the United States; this is mostly because of DeVos’ hard fight for charter schools. Charter schools are run similar to private schools, but they are paid for by the government. This allows parents to have more input in the way that their children are educated. DeVos believes that there should be less traditional public schools and more charter schools. She has fought for public funding to pay for tuition for private schools as well; these include religious schools. Detroit public schools are some of the worst public schools in United States, and the results from public schools continue to decline. That is the reason why DeVos is an avid defender of her charter school initiative.


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