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Gregory Aziz Has Built A Community

Gregory James Aziz is no stranger to success. He grew up in Ontario, where his family found fortune within the food wholesaler industry. As a young man, he helped build his family’s business to become one of the leading wholesalers in the world. Imports came from Europe and South America to be distributed throughout Eastern Canada and the United States. After expanding the family business, Greg Aziz ventured out to find opportunities in investment banking. It was in 1994 that he purchased a railroad freight company, with dreams of it becoming number one in North America.


National Steel Car was around before Gregory J Aziz came into its life. It started in 1912 by a group of six entrepreneurs. It was producing wood and steel freight cars in record time, even back then. By 1962, Dofasco acquired the already successful company. It was some years later when Greg Aziz took over, seeing an opportunity to expand its legacy as a top-quality steel car manufacturer once again.



The company focuses on its expert engineering and strong production. Within three years of Mr. Aziz taking over, thousands of jobs were created to keep up with the increased number of railroad cars being manufactured. The company prides itself in its engineering excellence. Their freight cars have been number one in North America for decades. Innovation is an important key to their success, knowing that the railroad industry is still one of the strongest modes of transportation, it’s essential that they keep up with new technology. Their freight cars see continual improvement on design and efficiency, which allows them to receive the highest honors and awards year after year. View More Information Here.



┬áNational Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario and the company sponsors multiple theater productions and charitable events every year. The Aziz family also invites company employees, past and present, to attend the annual Christmas party. The party serves as a canned food drive to help supply the local food banks. Greg also hasn’t forgotten his roots. The family helps sponsor the annual Royal Agriculture Winter Fair every year. It is considered to be Canada’s most prestigious agricultural event.






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