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Check Out The Background Of Stephen M. Hicks And His Company, Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Capital is a popular investment service, advisory, and consulting company created by Stephen M. Hicks in the mid-1990s. In two-plus decades of operation, Southridge Capital has remained relatively small, staying under 50 total employees throughout its 22 years of corporate life, though it has managed to source and place about $1.85 billion of clients’ money in roughly 255 popular companies across planet Earth.


And we go back in time to the beginnings of Southridge Capital and its founder’s life


Upstate New York’s very own production, Mr. Stephen M. Hicks, was always a solid student in primary and secondary school. After graduating high school in 1977, he immediately turned to nearby King’s College in hopes of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Mr. Hicks nabbed a bachelor’s of science degree in general business studies.


After leaving Briarcliff Manor’s own King College in 1981 – he graduated with honors, too – he then went off to the ever-crowded Big Apple to study at Fordham University. Two short years later, Mr. Hicks found himself entering the workplace with not just a bachelor’s degree – at this point, in 1983, he had a master’s of business administration, as well – but the uncommon graduate business degree. This really helped him sidestep competition and graduate from less-desirable positions to sought-after occupations across the five different financial services companies he put hard work into. For more details visit Bloomberg.


That handful of businesses included Sutherland Capital, Trans Pacific Capital, Wertheim Schroeder, Windsor IBC, and Norton & Company.


At Norton & Co., the young Stephen Hicks racked up nearly a decade’s worth of experience. Even more valuable were the lessons directly applicable to the field of financial services that the owner of Norton & Co. taught the younger Mr. Stephen M. Hicks. Check out



Not too long after he entered the field, Mr. Hicks started to experience profound success


Excelling in any industry without any experience is just about impossible; conversely, having sufficient work experience and inherent understanding of all the principles at play in whatever occupation one enters greatly improves the chances of success.


Thanks to this prior experience, Hicks eventually grew Southridge into a 23-year-old investment firm with $1.8 billion stashed away in investments over its corporate lifespan.



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