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Betsy DeVos Will Never Give Up On Working To Grant Educational Freedom Of Choice To Every American Family

Betsy DeVos has been in the middle of the battle for educational-reform for many years, and she will now continue following her passion as the Secretary of Education for the United States. It is her belief that every family in the nation should have the right and opportunity to send their children to a school they choose rather than being forced to send them off to a public school. It is not that she is against public schools but is more about the fact that she doesn’t believe that kids should have to go to any specific school based on where they live.


Over the years, Betsy DeVos has stood her ground in the state of Michigan, in Florida, and many other states where she has supported the rights of American parents. When she was younger, she attended a private Christian school in Michigan, and she also attended Calvin College, which is a private Christian college. She was heavily involved with politics on the campus of Calvin College and continued to be involved in the politics of her home-state afterwards. For the last three decades she has led many different campaigns, political party events, and political action committees. She also served as Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.


While many people are just getting to know the new Secretary of State, others have known her for years as a woman who fights for what she believes in. They also know that she is very optimistic about the progress that has been made. In a recent interview, Betsy DeVos was asked what she thought about the progress to-date that has been made related to educational choice in the U.S.A. She commented that she has never been as optimistic as she is now. She also knew plenty of statistics to back up the forward movement that has occurred over the years, and one of those stats reveals that there are a quarter of a million students that are in a spread of publicly funded, private-choice programs that allow them to attend a school of their parents’ choosing.


Betsy DeVos’s optimism is contagious because more and more people from both sides of the political aisle are supporting it. When you see the success it has had in states like Florida, where there is a growing number of children who are being served by private and charter schools, it is hard to deny that its a good thing. She first became heavily involved with the movement when she served on the boards of Children First America as well as the American Education Reform Council. These organizations worked to give more parents educational choice. She also fought for the rights of families who lived in urban school districts to be able to have more educational options but lost that fight. This didn’t deter her for one minute, because she continued to do the work she had been doing for years before that, and if you know Betsy DeVos on a personal level, you know that she any kind of setback won’t dissuade her from giving up on the American families that need the opportunities she is struggling to give them the most.


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