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Robert Deignan: Call-Center Certification Acquired

Robert Deignan is a well-known business owner and entrepreneur that has recently proven his worth as the chief executive officer of a digital technology company. The company that he is leading is known as ATS Digital Services. They are also known as advanced tech support. They have been able to become certified as the first call center that is allowed to provide premium support services to customers on software applications.

The company that provided the certification was founded by a team of Microsoft employees. This team provides certifications for at patients and other services. Robert Deignan was able to lead his company to meet all 39 qualifications in order to come certified as a call center. This corporation has been operating since 2011 and has been providing technical support to hundreds of thousands of customers over this time. They have been able to help customers not only can the telephone but also through remote access portals. Robert Deignan believes that it is important that his company focuses on comprehensive consumer-focused compliance. He has even stated that this is the backbone of his organization.

The requirements in order to be considered a certified call center for tech support is based on regulations and guidelines that have been provided by the government and law enforcement agencies. In addition, they have consulted with security companies and various members of the software industry. These guidelines are designed to ensure that consumers are able to be protected during the use of their software. One of the most important portions of this certification process is the verification of the organization itself.

Robert Deignan is proud to say that his company is able to provide his consumers with help without being abused by bad call centers. For many years call centers that do not follow the regulations have taken advantage of individuals. His company is not like this. It is a leading provider of premium digital support. It has helped individuals around the world since 2011. It is based out of Boca Raton Florida. It maintains customer satisfaction as its top priority. It will continue to serve customers to the same level of quality that they have become accustomed to.

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