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Why Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Was Chosen To Lead Bradesco

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was chosen to become the new president of Bradesco, this is not a decision that was made lightly. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco was chosen for this post for all of the right reasons and it was clear as day to see that he was the best man for the role.


In fact, the banking giant has already spoken openly of their hiring process and how Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to check off all of the boxes perfectly. Octavio de Lazari Junior was the main party who was responsible for making the decision and Cappi says it is because of the level of experience that he has to offer.


The choice was given to Lazari Jr. because of the poise that he displayed when it comes to all of the obstacles and hurdles that were placed in front of him during the course of his career. Lazari Jr. possesses what Trabuco referred to as a “horizontal” knowledge of the business. This means that he knows the ins and outs of the business and was best equipped to choose a new Bradesco president.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco hopes to emulate all of the past successes that Lazari was able to enjoy. In turn, Lazari is looking to Trabuco to uphold the current business model that has been put into place so that the company can maintain all of its current policies.


Trabuco said the the selection process was a rather complex one but that he aims to maintain the connectivity that already exists inside of Bradesco. Lazari is credited with providing an open workplace where people were free to communicate with each other and this is a major factor in the continuing success of Banco Bradesco.


The board of directors at Bradesco will consist of four vice presidents that are going to serve below Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. This structure allows for a greater level of modernization and strengthens the company overall. This board is also going to be taking a much closer look at any and all technological innovations that can be made in the years to come. See This Page for additional information.


Each member of the board is able to bring their own unique strengths to the table and together, they have the ability to usher Banco Bradesco forward into the brave new world of finance. Josue Pancini is able to provide the necessary insight into the actions of higher income clients and also takes a closer look at the network. Alexandre Gluher has a great deal of experience when it comes to the processes that are related to risk and auditing.


Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu was added to the board because of his long-standing tradition with the House. He also possesses a specialization for Controlling. Mauricio Minas, on the other hand, is able to offer the necessary advice as far as the desired technological innovations are concerned. By taking the time to provide this council with the strengthening that it needs, the challenges of the future will be met, and they will be conquered.




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