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Neurocore Focuses on Mind/Body Unity for Healthier Living

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers primarily work to treat attention deficit disorders in children, teens, and adults. Established in 2004 the centers operate out of lower Michigan and Southern Florida. At present they have a sum total of nine centers in operation. Underneath the focus on ADHD and ADD, Neurocore centers are really concerned with understanding the mind/body connection. Their goal is to ultimately help everyone have a better brain. Recently they have turned their focus to how the mind/body connection can be used to influence healthier living. See more information about Neurocore at

Athletes operate with extreme focus. In the performance of their individual sport they let their conscious brain take a break, relying on the muscle memory they have built up take over. This is harmony of the mind and the body. The technique employed by athletes can be used in any other situation. At Neurocore the idea of intellectual awareness linking the body and brain is receiving more focus. The mind can translate much to the body, overcoming fear, pumping up adrenaline, increasing stamina, and releasing stress. The mind can also promote healing, something that becomes more important as people age.


Age brings about age-related illnesses. There is a decline in cognitive function, muscle loss, joint issues, diminishing vision, bone issues, hearing loss, and increased susceptibility to disease. It can be very frightening. Many approach age with trepidation. There is a lot to old adage of feeling old making one become old. Neurocore believes that positive thinking builds on itself, allowing people to age better. Unity of the mind and body allowing for better response to age, aiding the body in its metabolic changes.

At present Neurocore is experimenting with the relation of neurofeedback with biofeedback. Their hope, as with anything, is that advancements made will benefit the treatment of mental disorders, and benefit the quality of life for all people. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

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