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Gregory Aziz And Success He Has Made For Himself

1If you have never heard of Greg Aziz, it will be of great pleasure for me today to tell you about him. He is a man with a big heart, a zest for life, and a passion for helping others. He is also a highly successful businessman. He is the Chief Executive Officer of a company called National Steel Car. The company is one of the leading rail car manufacturers in the world thanks to the hard work of Greg Aziz and his employees. When Greg purchased the company in 1994, it was running, but it was running very slowly.


It was producing only 3,500 rail cars a year and only 600 employees worked there. When Greg purchased the company, he knew it could be doing so much more than it was. He invested the time, money, and energy into the company and it began operating much more efficiently. By the year 1998, the company was producing 12,500 cars a year. Greg Aziz hired more employees to keep up with the work that needed to be done with the new number of cars being produced. 600 employees soon became 3,000 and Greg was happy with this. He had created job opportunities as well as expanded his company and this was a very big goal of his that was achieved. Greg Aziz decided he could help people even more.

National Steel Car began sponsoring food drives for the hungry and the Salvation Army. They also had a part in sponsoring the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, and the Aquarius Theater. Gregory Aziz was happy he could give back to the community in such a profound way. He and his wife Irene regularly sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is known to be one of the most prominent agricultural fairs in Canada.

When his daughter began competing in the Anglestone Tournament in 2010, he decided he could also sponsor them as a supporter of them and of his daughter who competes in the highest level of the equestrian sport.

Greg is very successful and enjoys managing his company and taking care of his family. His educational background includes a major in economics from the University of Western Ontario. He also helped his mother, father, and family achieve success in their business, Affiliated Foods. He helped them be able to distribute food across several countries including parts of the United States and Europe. Greg Aziz has spent his entire life helping others but also achieving his own dreams of success. Go Here for more information.

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