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The Lime Crime Beauty Secret

There are many different kinds of beauty, from Hollywood high glamour to the beauty of a flower, to the simple innocence of a mythical character, like a unicorn. For Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, all of these types of beauty drive her imagination and give her inspiration. When she began founding her online cosmetics company, she derived her brand concepts from the sources that really spoke to her, like fairy tales, mythical animals and of course, Hollywood (plus a little bit of rock and roll). Her passion for these ideas is what makes the Lime Crime brand so innovative and frankly, fun.


Using The Internet Wisely


Deere is a Russian emigre who grew up mostly in New York. She performed in a rock band, and was innovative in her promotions for the group. She also studied fashion, and then started an online clothing company. She really hit her stride, however, when she began playing around with makeup ideas, and creating youtube tutorials to show how to achieve certain looks. The response to all of this was enormous, and Deere knew she had found her own personal “pot of gold.” She began developing her own makeup line, and launched it in 2007 by creating a website to sell from. Since then, she has continued to innovate with Lime Crime, and helped to create a creative look for women that is dazzling, edgy and beautiful.



Creating New Products


The brand image of Lime Crime is boldly colorful, just like the lipsticks and hair colors Lime Crime sells. Deere prides herself on the quality of the products she sells, and her lipsticks have real staying power to go with their vibrant looks. She is very much involved in product development, and spent months in a lab with a chemist creating the formula for the liquid to matte lip color Lime Crime offers. This lip color is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free, and it’s become an industry standard. It resists crumbling on the lips, too!



There’s no question that Lime Crime is a force on the Internet. The company’s Instagram page has over a million followers, as fans of the cosmetics line love posting their own selfie photos on the company’s page. The interactive quality of the page are what has made it such a huge hit, along with the gorgeous looks displayed there. Again, Deere’s understanding of how the Internet can be used to promote products is amazing, and has set her company apart from some of the major brands.


Unicorns? Blue lipstick? Pink hair? Lime Crime is the place for women who embrace these beauty ideas, and the brand is attracting more fans all the time.


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