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Robert Ivy: What is the American Institute of Architects?

No one is better at answering that question than Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy is one the most recognized architects alive today. He’s head of several architectural journals and other publications. He’s the reason that Architectural Record, a journal, is the most widely read architecture-based journal in the world.

He became Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in the late 90s. Since then, Robert Ivy’s won numerous awards and honors for his work. He’s even won the Crain Award, the highest recognition given to a single person by the American Business Media. He’s also been named “Master Architect”.

Behind every great industry is a great organization. Industries that don’t have a main representative don’t fare well when the government creates new legislation or regulation. That’s why the American Institute of Architects is so important to architects all over America. That organization is also headed by Robert Ivy as their CEO.

Robert Ivy’s also expanded on the organization’s public education programs. Not enough people are interested in architecture. The American Institute of Architects doesn’t want everyone to become an architect, but people need to the importance of architecture and good design. Its education starts by getting more people involved with surveys and events.


If the American Institute of Architects isn’t trying to teach people about architecture, it’s trying to build the next generation of architects. Architecture is a field that demands change and innovation with each generation. Focusing on young professionals allows the American Institute of Architects to accomplish several goals at once.

For a start, young people interested in architecture know how to bring other people into the field. Secondly, these young professionals have fresh ideas that center on environmental friendliness. To help them become better architects, the American Institute of Architects created an intern program that gets them ready for their Architect Registration Exam.

Along with its many educational and professional responsibilities, the American Institute of Architects also stands as a united voice for all American architects. Whenever the government is considering new legislative and regulatory actions, the American Institute of Architects represents the industry as a whole.

It also serves the community by helping the government create better public spaces and affordable housing. Speaking of housing, the American Institute of Architects also has its own projects to help communities being ravished by natural disasters.

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