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Talk Fusion Talks Future

For those in the know, Talk Fusion is a powerhouse when it comes to video marketing for businesses. Essentially, they’re putting the old dinosaur of text emails into extinction and introducing a new technology–video emails. The company realized that so many businesses were wasting money and time by going to different companies for different technological needs. Thus, Talk Fusion created a technology that combined their needs with a low cost.


The idea came from Founder and CEO Bob Reina. Formerly a police officer in Florida, he was introduced to network marketing in the 1990s and launched himself right into the market without sales experience. Despite that, Reina has created one of the most successful network marketing companies out there. It isn’t enough that he found success either. Reina has recently opened a Talk Fusion University, open to Talk Fusion associates completely free. In it, Reina hopes to give the tools to others, so they can be successful, too.


Talk Fusion, and Bob Reina, recently opened up about the future of Talk Fusion and the new directions they’re excited to take. From video emails, they’ve expanded into video conferencing, social networking, and broadcasting. That isn’t enough for Talk Fusion, however. One of the many new products Talk Fusion has been working on is their Product Dashboard. Learn more:


Designed for their video suite, the dashboard improves the user’s experience and that it was a necessary tool for them to develop to herald in the new line of products. Because of the power and ease of use with the new WebRTC technology, Reina has claimed that their new products are WebRTC-powered. Because WebRTC powers browser-to-browser communications, it removes internal or external plug-ins. This makes streaming and sharing videos a whole lot easier and remarkably better quality. The streaming, itself, is faster, smoother, and the resolution is improved. Because Talk Fusion is utilizing this in their new products, companies can expect to have higher quality products to choose from, too. The best part is, because of Reina’s commitment to affordable prices, the products will likely be cheaper.


Besides giving outstanding service to its customers, Talk Fusion has contributed to charities in an effort to improve the world. They’ve also received two large technology awards. In 2016, they received the WebRTC Product of the Year award as well as the Communications Solutions Product of the Year award. Talk Fusion clearly has its eyes on the future.

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