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National Steel Car Will Be 200

The key to good business is not just taking care of the current needs of the consumer, but looking into the future, anticipating changes, and capitalizing on those changes before they officially arrive. This skill is used by Gregory James Aziz and has caused the National Steel Car Ltd to flourish during his time as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.


Recently, National Steel Car Ltd celebrated over 100 years in business. This titanic feat was accomplished because Greg Aziz spent time anticipating change and pushing his company forward. In fact, not only did it get them over the 100-year mark, it very well may have prepared them for the next 100 years in business.


1909308_1405440073054185_660900271_oAfter celebrating their 100th birthday, Greg Aziz retired to his office and began thinking about what it would take to guarantee they would have another 100 years in business. As he meditated over this, he came to realize that the world was changing and that National Steel Car Ltd was not changing with it. Green energy was on the rise, and stricter environmental laws were being put into place every day. While National Steel Car Ltd was able to keep up with them, it was only a matter of time before the laws overtook them. Looking over his desk, he knew what had to be done. National Steel Car Ltd could not sit on its laurels. They have to innovate.

The next day Gregory J Aziz called the head of Research and Development to his office and explained his plan. He told the engineers that times were changing and that National Steel Car Ltd could either be destroyed in the change or it could lead the way. Greg Aziz then gave them what they thought to be an impossible task. They were to create a railcar that could carry more, further, while using 50% fewer emissions. Get More Information Here


Greg Aziz increased their salaries, and in three years, they surpassed his expectations. Sitting in his garage was a railcar that could go twice as far, 50% faster, and use 90% fewer emissions. A few months later, Parliament passed stricter environmental regulations on the rail industry, and the only company who had cars that could operate was National Steel Car Ltd. Over the next two years, National Steel Car Ltd dominated the field while others played catch up. The company is a certified ISO 9001:2008. Even today, they are still king of the mountain.

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