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Fabletics Continues To Make Strides In Amazon Race

Fabletics has been a brand many consumers have slowly become accustomed to as the subscription-based membership Site has become one of the main rivals to Amazon in the ever-increasing Online fashion retail wars. Amazon has traditionally been the big winner in the Online retailing industry after maintaining an impressive 20 percent stake in the sector for a number of years; the times appear to be changing with Fabletics growing from a startup to a growth rate of more than 200 percent in 2017. Taking a chunk out of the monopoly established by Amazon means setting out to conduct business in a new way such as the use of a technique becoming known as reverse showrooming.


Traditional offline retailers have long been hurt by the issue of showrooming which has been categorized by consumers looking in traditional stores for products they like before setting out to buy them at a cheaper price Online or in a different store. Fabletics began life as an Online retailer who has now made the transition to operating traditional stores in some of the biggest cities across the U.S. As subscriptions continue to soar for the Fabletics Website, the brand has also become known for the reverse showrooming techniques no put into place by the company.


Reverse showrooming means the subscribers to the Fabletics brand are given the opportunity to attend physical stores across the U.S. and seek out the products they like before adding them to their regular Online order. Eschewing the usual popup stores route, Fabletics has made the decision to concentrate on opening full-time brick and mortar locations has proven a success for Fabletics as the brand sees around 30 percent of those entering their stores already subscribing to their Online service.


Reverse showrooming has been a major part of the success of Fabletics in the last few months but the brand has already been given a major boost by the role actress Kate Hudson has played in the development of the would-be Online retailing giant. Initially finding fame for her role in the movie, “Almost Famous”, Kate Hudson had little business experience prior to taking up her role as a partner and co-founder of the Fabletics brand; although still primarily an actress, Kate Hudson has become a respected leader at Fabletics capable of finding success in sales reports and developing marketing options for the athletic wear brand.


TechStyle executives, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg identified Kate Hudson as the face of their Fabletics brand when the company was still in its planning stages because of her approachable personality. Over the course of the life of Fabletics, Hudson has taken on a number of roles from product tester to developing a social media strategy largely based on her own lifestyle and Instagram account.

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