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Amazon Is In For Serious Disruption From Fabletics

Amazon has disrupted traditional retail structure. This disruption has informed its growth into one of the most profitable businesses on earth. The e-commerce giant has enjoyed dominance in sectors such as fashion. One company is rising to give Amazon a run for its money. The company that goes by the name Fabletics has managed to grow exponentially to occupy its rightful position in the fashion retail industry. Fabletics, a company that identifies itself as an athleisure apparel brand, has managed to perform remarkably well in the three years that it has been in operation. For the few years, the enterprise has been in operation; it has managed to rake in over $250 million in revenues from product purchases and membership subscriptions.


The success of the fashion brand has been informed by its unique approach to retail apparels. First, the company’s business model is built around membership and subscriptions. Second, the company has been able to leverage the power of customer reviews to ensure that it maintains a high customer retention and nurture trust with its clientele.



According to the proprietor of Fabletics, Kate Hudson, the membership program has enabled Fabletics to reach new heights as a business. The membership program does not work in isolation; it works together with another business technique called reverse show rooming. In reverse show rooming, a Fabletics member visits one of the company’s physical stores, they take a lifestyle quiz, and their body measurements are taken. These facts are then used as the basis upon which suggestions on the most suitable athleisure apparels are made to each member every month.


Fabletics’ online retail space has enabled the business to circumvent the traditional retail process in which businesses were required to employ sales associates who would pressure clients into making purchases. At the Fabletics’ physical stores, you will find members trying new outfits without the necessity of buying them off the racks. This flexibility regarding how a customer can make a purchase has enabled the business to attract more members because they know that they can purchase at their convenience.


Fabletics has also been keen on tapping in giveaways such as free shipping, product discounting and personal shoppers who are attached to each customer. Once a member takes a lifestyle quiz in one of the business’s physical stores, a personal shopper is assigned to the client. For every month that one is a member of Fabletics, the personal shopper makes a recommendation on the most fashionable and appropriate active-wear of the month. These suggestions play a vital role in assisting customers to make a purchase.

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