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Unique Advertising Strategies by Lori Senecal

Internet advertising and media marketing are not enough. Therefore, companies should provide different experiences for their customers using new technology techniques that enable GPS targeted marketing, provide visual images that attract clients, and provide customized advertisements. Creative methods have been used to improve efficacy, for example, adopting guerilla advertising plan.

Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) is an agency’s team which is led by Lori Senecal. CP+B is improving the advertising industry by utilizing technologists, social media channels, advertising experts, compulsive rule breakers, and coders to design extraordinary advertising campaigns. These advertisements reach well-targeted customers, inspires the audience to purchase and its information is always easy to understand.

Facebook marketing is a current selling trend but requires a company to be creative and agile. The attention of customers should be compelled to have them engage in the post. CP+B recommends its clients to take advantage of Facebook advertising opportunities using practices such as encourage social sharing with entertaining, informative and value added videos, displaying relatable visuals and content that relates to the audience. Moreover, create a unique experience for each customer profile and feature real people in real situations among others.

In an article on Adage, CB+P advises the top marketing trends that are profitable such as designing ads for mobile whereby the ads should be shorter and for all ages, curating color palettes that are eye- catching, using humor, generating emotional responses. Also, other important trends are ad blocking, marketing via chat, leveraging virtual reality, recognizing women’s significance and analyzing data.

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CB+P in New York which she joined in March 2015. Ever since she joined the agency, she has made tremendous improvements in the company including expanding its international offices, and she has increased the employees from 250 to 900 global employees. Visit Business for more info.

The company has received awards such as the Titanium Grand Prix for Domino’s Pizza at Cannes Film Festival. Senecal has led business and corporations through successful advertising. She has held different leadership positions in strategic planning, innovation, and account leadership. Lori is skilled when it comes to advertising in today’s technology world.

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