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Richard Mishaan: A True Professional In Home Decor

Richard Mishaan is a well known New York based interior designer. Richard Mishaan works mainly with private clients as well as hotels. His interior decorating ideas are quite unique and he has been very successful within his chosen field.


Richard Mishaan has recently published a book “Artfully Modern”. This book does not come cheap. You can purchase “Artfully Modern” for $65.00 at just about any major book store. This book gives some excellent decorating tips. However, Mishaan will be the first to admit that you do not have to spend a fortune to have a lavish looking home or apartment. Some of Missham’s work is featured in “Artfully Modern”.


Mishaan has one continuous theme throughout his decorating style and pattern. The one continuous theme in all of Mishaan’s work is the expression and use of color. Color patterns and combinations are so very important in any interior decorating project. Without color you pretty much don’t have anything worthwhile.


For example, Mishaan stresses in his book that he found bright blues and whites in the kitchen make it a true showpiece. Expressing yourself by using bright blue as well as white and some stripes thrown in will make for one awesome kitchen. Certain colors definitely go better in certains areas within the home.


Another favorite decorating pattern that Mishaam uses is the Boutique Hotel theme. Richard Mishaan does use a decorating pattern similar to a “Boutique Hotel” when appropriate. Mishaan has stated that when appropriate client’s absolutely love the look of a “Boutique Hotel” within the home. However, Mishaan does stress that the Boutique look is not appropriate for every home or apartment.


Red doors can look fabulous in the bedroom as long as the rest of the decor does not clash. Mishaan feels brightly colored bedroom doors including the closet makes a bedroom a thing of beauty. Many of Mishaan’s decorative ideas and themes are stylish but quite different.


Bedroom walls should be a light and soothing color. A pale blue, off white or even pink are very soothing colors for a bedroom wall. Light and soothing colors are a main theme for Richard Mishaan when redecorating the bedroom area. In addition, mixing certain colors to come up with something special is another option when it involves the bedroom or even study area.


Richard Mishaan is a unique person with some very stylish and unique decorating ideas. Mr. Mishaan can certainly turn just about any room within the home a real masterpiece.

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