Fourth Generation

The Business Life For Over 80 Years

The Two Sides of Betsy DeVos

Recently, Betsy DeVos has kept people guessing about her real character. The residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan and other people who knew Betsy and her family’s dealings before President Trump … Continue reading

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From Penn West Energy to Obsidian Energy Limited

You may know it by its previous trading titles, Penn West exploration limited or Penn West Energy Trust or by its current title Obsidian Energy Limited. Obsidian Energy is a … Continue reading

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Obsidian Energy Starts Fresh With a New Name and Structure

Formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd., Obsidian Energy is a public owned oil and natural gas company that is based in Canada, where the oil fields it obtains its products from … Continue reading

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Jed McCaleb and Effective Methods

Jed McCaleb is a professional who thinks that technology has the power to boost organization significantly. He even thinks that it’s able to enhance the general human experience. He’s the … Continue reading

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AvaTrade: Get The Best Online Trading Experience

AvaTrade provides valuable options when it comes to trading, economic research as well as ongoing market analysis. The ability to access important resources and training materials make it great for … Continue reading

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The Oxford Club: Save More and Re-evaluate Your Portfolio

In a recent article, investors were told about the three simple steps they needed to take to achieve higher returns on their investments. The article’s writer was Alexander Green, Chief … Continue reading

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Give Your Home a Unique Touch With Siteline Cabinetry

Give your home a unique touch with siteline cabinetry. Most people admire homes that have original features that aren’t found anywhere else. This uniqueness is what gives many homes their … Continue reading

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The Future of Obsidian Energy Through Its New Governance Committee

We could write a lot of things about the latest technologies used by Obsidian Energy. However, not many of them can tell you what’s essential about the energy company today. … Continue reading

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Matthew Autterson: Bringing Business Excellence and Philanthropy Together

Matthew Autterson is a highly recognized face of American financial services sector. He is known for creating a revolution in the chartered financial sector of the country and shaped it … Continue reading

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Grand Rapids Is Fortunate To Have Native Son Dick Devos On Their Side

When Dick Devos, along with his wife Betsy, decided that they could use their wealth and influence to save their hometown of Grand Rapids, Devos went to work. He helped … Continue reading

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